About that writing thing…

Remember that new years resolution I talked about? The one where I tell myself to just go write something even if I really don’t want to? Yeah. That plan has gone out the window this week. All week I’ve been telling myself “meh… I’m really not in the mood to write. I’d rather catch up on my tv shows!” My god is that the wrong attitude or what?!

So tomorrow (because even with this realization of mine, I know myself and I’m not going to write tonight because I discovered a new show (just what I needed, right?) and I’m very excited to watch it. Maybe writing this will make me fight against my lazy nature and prove myself wrong and I’ll write something), I’m taking the day off work (because why not?) to meet some friends for lunch and I will be taking my computer with me so that afterward I can camp out somewhere that is not my house (where it is truly impossible for me to write) and I will get at least a little bit of writing done.

Saturday is my usual writing day (something I have done for the past few months with a lot of consistency (not including December because who really has time for anything in December)) with a lovely group of people who participated in NaNoWriMo this year along with me, so I will get some writing done there as well. But I really need to step up my game and not let my laziness get the best of me.

So here’s to a newly resolved new years resolution.

Starting tomorrow.


Well, here we go.

In what may be a feeble attempt (and likely more of a distraction than a help), I have created this blog to help me keep writing.

I have told myself that my resolution for the new year is to write, even if I don’t feel like it. Even getting down 50 words is better than no words. Even ten words is better than no words.

The only resolution I’ve ever been able to keep was to drink more water a few years ago. Which is pretty lame. And sadly, the only one I’ve ever remembered to do. So let’s see if I can break my horrible and forgetful habits, and make this one a reality.

So. This is where I might, on occasion, post some of my writing. Responses to various prompts I find on the internet, some snippets of my novel (maybe… Don’t get your hopes up on this one), but more like rantings of a writer refusing to write and complaining about needing to write and yet still digging her heels in in an effort to not do the writing she said she resolved to do.

So yes. Here we go. Let’s see what becomes of this.